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It starts when two people fall in Love… | Lex Logan Photography

It starts when two people fall in Love…

Families get to be big.   Two people meet, get married, and Bam! 62 years later, this is the result.   My friend Kolette approached me with doing family pictures in Lincoln Ne,  for her when all her family was going to be in town.   I’ve done her immediate family a couple of times, and I know some of the other members (one is my friend Amanda), but she warned me…this will be alot of people.    They had the majority of everyone there (minus just a couple folks) from old to brand new and in between.

I love seeing huge families get together.  It just doesn’t happen that often anymore.   I can remember my own family reunions, seeing Aunts and Uncles that said they last saw me when I was “this tall”, cousins that I got to play with and we never seemed to not get along, and my grandparents with their siblings……I miss those days.

And of course I got some fun pictures of Kolette’s kiddos too….they really love the camera…




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