Just you and I| Weddings of 2014 review Lincoln Wedding Photography

Just you and I| Weddings of 2014 review Lincoln Wedding Photography

In keeping with my review of 2014 weddings and in honor of the weekend day of Love…I decided to post a few couple and individual pictures of bride and groom.

If you look on Pinterest these days, or Google, you can find hundreds of quotes on love, couple love, together love, parent love, etc, etc, etc.  I really enjoy the idea of love and it is one of the main ideas that has drawn me to be a wedding photographer.   I get to see it during engagement pictures, through the surrounding of family and friends that are there to celebrate the special wedding day, and in the pictures of the couple together.   There is a giddiness, an excitement, butterflies if you will that surrounds a wedding day.

It is kinda amazing to me that one day two people can be complete strangers, then another they can mean the entire world to each other.    I hope your weekend was filled with the joy of a loved one, be it your best friend, your child, your fur baby or partner in life.    We celebrated our 17th year of Valentine’s quietly and enjoyed every minute of it!


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